Founder Meetup

Bremen has a growing number of Startups, whose founders are English speaking. English speaking founders face different challenges regarding their visa status, English speaking contacts in institutions, the understanding of German regulations and so on.

This event is about creating a community in Bremen, where they can exchange views and ideas, network, and learn from each other. During this event two startups will tell their founding story and give an idea, what is it like to startup in Bremen. After the pitches and Q&A there will be time to connect with the startups and the other participants.

The event is organised by Starthaus, BRIDGE, ESA BIC Northern German, Digital Hub Industry.

More information and registration here


Digital Hub Industry im Neos Gebäude

Konrad-Zuse-Straße 6 A

28359 Bremen

Monday 19th Dec 2022

6-9 pm