Entrepreneurship Tuesdays - Let’s talk about…

…everything you want to know about founding your own start-up!

Are you generally interested in the world of start-ups? Are you close to graduating from university and considering the opportunity to found your own company to take control of your career? You have an idea for your start-up and want to take off, but you still have open questions? Would you like to know how others have become entrepreneurs? Any last fears or doubts?

Our Entrepreneurship Tuesdays are the right place for you!

In cooperation with the Hanze University Groningen, a top university for entrepreneurship, we are organising a series of online events where we talk to founders about various topics regarding entrepreneurship. Everyone is welcome and can freely exchange ideas and network. Another great thing about it? All our talk guests are alumni or current students from Bremen and Groningen - this will help us create a personal atmosphere where everyone can comfortably ask their most burning questions, discuss issues and exchange information about founding a business.

We will get started on April 26. You are invited to join us every Tuesday from 6 to 7:30 p.m. The grand finale is a big networking event on the 14th of June - Save the date!

This online event series is open to everyone! And by this, we mean: everyone - tell your friends about it, your family - anyone interested in the world of start-ups is welcome.

Just log in to our Zoom meeting through this link:


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…and you’re in!

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We’re excited to talk to you!

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1. Let’s talk about foundations

Let’s go!

To start, we will talk about demystifying the process of setting up your own business. What does it mean to start a business in the first place and what is the best way to go about it? We will discuss important first steps and the bureaucratic matters you need to consider when setting it up. We want to take away your fear of the formalities and show you how easy it can be to set up a business.


2. Let's talk about money

You have an idea and want to start, but you don't quite know how to to secure the necessary funds? Are you still in the preparation phase and need advice on financing options? You want to know how you can effectively make money with your business? We exchange ideas on the topic of finance and talk about how others have managed it.


3. Let's talk about work life balance

We talk about self-employment and leisure. What is the best way to balance work and social life so that you don't cut yourself off from the outside world? How can you establish healthy work routines to protect your energy and to avoid overworking? Experts tell us how they have approached this challenge.


4. Let's talk about team dynamics

You want to start but don't know with whom? Or you need to hire your first employees because your company is growing and don´t know how? We talk about what to look for in particular when choosing team members and how to define effective hiring criteria. Furthermore we will exchange ideas on how to best deal with conflict or disagreement within the team.


5. Let's talk about failure

…but what if I fail? We try to answer this question by talking to founders who have failed before. Is it really that bad? And what can we learn from a failed start-up? This talk addresses one of the biggest fears that people face when starting their own business! Don’t miss it!


6. Let's talk about changing directions

Changed your mind? So what? We talk about when it might make sense to change directions. Our guests provide us with insights into the developments and considerations that caused them change strategy, and you get to talk about potential issues and benefits that can come with shifting your business’ objective.


7. Let's talk about sustainability

Welcome to the year 2022 - it’s all about sustainability. Or is it really? We talk to founders of sustainable start-ups. They share their views of what makes a sustainable company and what green-washing is. How do I take action and how can I make an actual impact with my own business? Don’t miss this session if you are as passionate about the environment as you are about starting your own business!


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