BRIDGE StartUp-Ringvorlesung 2022/2023

Start your own company? Become self-employed? What does that actually mean? As part of the Startup Ring Lecture, we will explore these questions together - this time live and in person at FreiRAUM.

Every year, the BRIDGE Startup Lecture Series offers exciting insights and impulses on the topics of founding, entrepreneurship and innovation. Over six dates, experts from Bremen's startup scene and successful founders report from their own experience and provide information on startup topics such as the development of business ideas and business models, funding programs and financing opportunities, networking strategies and the startup pitch. The format is interactive: During and after the seminars there is the opportunity for exchange, networking and discussion.

Registration is not required and the format is open to all interested parties. If you need a confirmation of participation, register here.

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at the Hochschule Bremen

In the rooms of „FreiRAUM@HSB“

Hermann-Köhl-Straße 1

28199 Bremen


6 - 7:30 pm



Dates, content and speakers


1. Kick-off: "Foundation and Innovation"

Foundation? What is that actually? And are startups actually always innovative? The kick-off event of the Startup Ring Lecture will be jointly organized by Dr. Katrin Oellerich and Prof. Dr. Brita Schemmann and will be dedicated to the questions raised above about startups and innovation. In addition, an overview of the following events of the lecture series will be given.

Prof. Dr. Brita Schemmann is Professor of Business Administration, in particular Innovation Management, at the Bremen University of Applied Sciences. In her research she deals with questions why people innovate and how companies can better use ideas and impulses from outside for the development of innovations.

Dr. Katrin Oellerich has been at the HSB since the beginning of April 2020 - initially as a consultant for entrepreneurship and now, together with colleagues, she has been setting up the startup lab "FreiRAUM@HSB" since October 2021. She is also a founder and has been accompanying people on their professional paths in various contexts for years.


2. Startup-Lounge

3. Finances, funding programs, ecosystem: "Who, how, what, where?"

Start-up - all well and good! But how should it be financed? And what funding opportunities are there for the preparation phase? How and where can I learn the tools to become an entrepreneur? In this chapter of the Startup Lecture Series, we will look at various forms of funding for founders and the options for financing the start-up of your own business. We also take a look at the startup ecosystem in the state of Bremen.

Andreas Mündl, start-up coach at Starthaus Bremen, together with the BRIDGE team - Meike Goos, Cindy Stern, Dr. Katrin Oellerich - will inform about the support possibilities in the preparation and early phase of the start-up. In addition, further guests from the Bremen start-up ecosystem are expected... :o)


4. Business Model Canvas: "Bringing business models to the point in a compact and clear way".

In the BMC, business models are presented on one page, dependencies between individual aspects become clear, and in the joint elaboration, teams can develop a common understanding of individual parts of the business model.
Questions are raised in a very structured way, such as: Who are our customers? How do we earn money? Which key partners do we need to make our business model work?

Speaker: Kostja Hausdörffer is a consultant for startups at STARTHAUS Bremen. He has worked in sales for medium-sized companies and has been involved with digital and scalable business models for over 7 years.


5. Elevator Pitch: "Presenting business ideas briefly and concisely".

Okay, you've got your first business idea, you've given it a lot of thought and you're stuck on the topic. Now you are asking yourself how you can present your project in a concise and easily understandable way? That's what this session is all about. You will learn how to build up an Elevator Pitch so that you can confidently inspire other people with your ideas.

Speaker: Céline Rohlfsen is an independent management consultant for creativity, sustainability and new work. She has won several podiums in start-up competitions and last year coached an IT start-up that was accepted into an accelerator program thanks to her help.


6.Professional networking and finals: "With whom and why?"

Networking is always highlighted as important. Being well networked is something that can help you in many ways... I see. And how does that work?

After a short input on what networking is, with whom networking should and could be done and why it could be good, helpful or enlightening, it will get very practical again. We will use a networking technique that comes from the context of professional orientation and shows the participants in a very practical way how networking can be approached - not least in an online event. 

Afterwards we will come to a conclusion of the lecture series and dare a look into the future...

Speaker: Cathy Narrimann is founder of Flipped Job Market in Berlin and Bremen and helps people to get more clarity in their professional life.

How can I participate?

  • Registration is not required and the format is open to all interested parties.
  • Contact for inquiries: