15. Bremen StartUp-Lounge

The 15th Bremen StartUp Lounge is themed "Balance" and takes place in the context of our 20th anniversary.

The StartUp-Lounge focuses on the stories and experiences of people who have already taken the step of starting their own business and are now offering interested people a peek behind the scenes. The exchange of valuable information about one's own independence is intended to give an insight into "do's and dont's" in the start-up phase.

What did the young startups grow from? What was an important support in their eyes? What motivates them and what mistakes would they not make a second time? In a relaxed and lively campus atmosphere, founders from Bremen universities will talk about their experiences in short interviews.

Our Guests:

BotUniversity - Offers customized solutions for development, training and implementation of AI for medium-sized businesses
cellumation- develops and manufactures intelligent, modular conveyor technology for automation in production, industry & logistics
Huddy - makes and designs customized sustainable hoodies
WasteAnt- Make waste a more valuable resource with AI-based waste quality analysis


We are looking forward to seeing you!

Postkarte der 15. Bremer StartUp Lounge mit dem Thema "Balance"

University Bremen, GW2 B3009

14.07.2022, 6 pm



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