Do you want to start your own business and are you looking for advice?


We advise...

  • students, alumni and staff of the participating universities
  • individual founders of companies and the foundation of teams
  • online, and hopefully once again in person soon  
  • from a short initial consultation to a longer period of guidance and support for your start-up process
  • expert advice on EXIST funding programmes and other specific start-up issues
  • free of charge and always tailored to your own individual situation
  • within the network, and we put you in touch with the right contacts from the Bremen start-up ecosystem for any special questions (for example patents).


You have an idea. The next step: initial consultation

This is how consultation works at BRIDGE:

  • Simply send us your full draft of the idea (Ideenskizze). This allows both sides to prepare optimally for the consultation.
  • We will get back to you without delay by phone or email and arrange a first appointment. 

We look forward to getting to know you and your idea!

Here you will find the right contact person for your idea!

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Hochschule Bremen
Hochschule Bremerhaven