Jacobs University Bremen - Workshops: J-CUB Start-Up Option

Limited spaces. The workshops can be booked separately. To check availability and register please contact start-up@jacobs-university.de

Intro to Lean Startup, Lean Canvas and Business Model canvas (online)
10th to 12th October 2020- independent study (Online course)
In preparation to the Lean Workshop (13th and 14th Oct). The trainers have prepared an on-line exercise for students to complete before the workshop. Upon the completion of all exercises and completing the online multiple-choice test, every student will be awarded a Certification of Completion.


Lean Start-Up Principles workshop (virtual)
13th October 2020- 8.50 to 13.00 ;14th October 2020- 12.50 to 17.00 (Zoom and Miro-mobile version not supported)
The Lean Startup online workshop is an intensive, hand-on experience that will illustrate for students the benefits of organising product development according to the Lean Startup principles. The workshop includes a brief lecture to layout key concepts, after which teams will work on their startups with real tools.
Trainers: Yulia Smotrova and Parick Schwery
What is required: a desktop or laptop computer. Take the introduction online course (above) beforehand.


Design Thinking (in person/ waitlist)
29th October 2020
14.45 pm a 17.15 pm. Please arrive 14:40 pm.
Venue: D-Forge, IRC 5th floor, Jacobs University
Trainer: Ricardo Guerrero, Research Associate to Prof. Dr. Christoph Lattemann
Please bring something to drink. Refreshments won’t be provided.


Value Proposition deep Dive in Cooperation with Starthaus Bremen

3rd OR 5th November
14.00 to 16.30 (Please arrive at 13.50)
Venue: Starthaus - Domshof 14-15, 28195 Bremen (in the center of Bremen!)
This is a follow up from the Spring training. "People do not want a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole." T. Levitt, 1962. Customers buy products and services to get jobs done and can be described as "solution agnostic". Based on jobs-to-be-done theory you are going to learn, in a structured framework, how to build products and services customers really want.
Trainer: Kostja Hausdörffer


Marketing Advance Training
13th November 2020
14.00 to 17.00. Please arrive at 13.55.
Trainer: Prof Dr. Tilo Halaszovich
Venue: D-Forge, IRC 5thfloor, Jacobs University
Please bring something to drink. Refreshments won’t be provided.
This is a follow up from the spring training.  


Pitch Training
Session 1: 17th OR 18th November 2020- 9.00 to 17.00 AND Session2: 24th OR 25th November 2020- 9.00 to 14.00
Venue: D-Forge, IRC 5th floor, Jacobs University
This is a one-on-one team training consisting of two sessions. One session on the first week and a follow up session on the second week. You must choose your team´s time slot for each week.
Trainer: Sabine Urban


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10th to 12th October 2020
13th/ 14th October 2020
29th October 2020
3rd OR 5th November 2020
13th November 2020
17th OR 18th November 2020
24th OR 25th November 2020